[SciPy-User] Basic bandpass filtering/fourier transform of live audio?

Matthew Arceri strikerbot121@gmail....
Tue Nov 22 11:45:04 CST 2011

I'm a highschool senior working on an engineering project where I'm trying
to make a 3D positioning system using microphones. The problem I'm having
is that I can't find anyway to filter specific frequencies from a live
microphone input. I've found a number of python libraries that seem able to
achieve just that but they any examples I find are for far more complicated
things. SciPi is the only one with a decent following that could possibly
help me. So, to reiterate, I wanted to know how I could choose an audio
port and look for a specific frequency being picked up on that port. (I'm
using Ubuntu, Python 2.7.1, and the latest version of Numpy + Scipy)
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