[SciPy-User] Integration over Voronoi cells

Eraldo Pomponi eraldo.pomponi@gmail....
Wed Nov 23 06:23:17 CST 2011

Hi folks,

I'm working on the integration of a function like:

K(r,t) = 1/(2piDr)exp[-r^2/Dt]                       [1]

over Voronoi cells (r is the distance from the point at which is associated
the cell).

I googled a lot and I found this two useful hints:



but I'm still not able to understand how I should do this integration.
I have the function that returns the segments ( list of
[(x_star,y_start),(x_sop,y,stop)] ) necessary to construct the Voronoi cells
associated to a set of points.

Could someone suggest how to proceed ?

There's also a numerical problem connected with the integration due to the
singularity in r==0.

Could you suggest which is a reasonable stable integration method available
in scipy
that could handle the function [1]?

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