[SciPy-User] Confusion about lognormal distribution functions

tazz_ben tazz_ben@wsu....
Sat Nov 26 10:52:46 CST 2011

Hi Group -

So, what I'm trying to do is draw a firm size from a lognormal
distribution in a simulation (I'm using a fortuna RNG outside of the scope
of this question -- why instead of twister deals with my research
question, for this purposes it is just important to say using the built in
random draw from a specific distribution wouldn't work).

But when I do something like this:

from scipy.stats import lognorm


The numbers that come out make no sense (I'm right in believing "loc" =
"mean" and "scale" = "standard deviation"?). I've tried logging the
numbers, un-logging the numbers, etc.  I'm very confused on what it is

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