[SciPy-User] how can I create B-splines of mutidimensional values?

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus@yale....
Mon Nov 28 11:14:08 CST 2011

> maybe my worries are indeed needless. But I'm doing image analysis and I've got
> real-time stuff at the back of my head - every milisecond I can save is a good
> milisecond ;-)

Haha, fair enough. If you do need to write your own interpolator, note that you can still use scipy.ndimage.spline_filter() to generate the coefficients.

You could then, as I mentioned, write a Cython module to erect all the "infrastructure" in parallel to do the interpolation, or perhaps you could even figure out how to vectorize it in pure numpy. (Perhaps that's not hard to do...) If you do either, definitely drop a line to the list because I'm sure folks might be interested in the code.


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