[SciPy-User] how can I create B-splines of mutidimensional values?

Kay F. Jahnke _kfj@yahoo....
Mon Nov 28 11:20:03 CST 2011

Zachary Pincus <zachary.pincus <at> yale.edu> writes:

> You could then, as I mentioned, write a Cython module to erect all the
> "infrastructure" in parallel to do the interpolation,


I may need another few years until I'm THAT advaced...
I've just learnt a bit of swig and I'm not really so keen on learning yet
another interface generator

>  or perhaps you could even figure out how to vectorize it in pure numpy.
> (Perhaps that's not hard to do...)

My suspicion.

> If you do either, definitely drop a line to the list because I'm sure
> folks might be interested in the code.

sure will. It should make a difference to all applications along these lines - I
mean, how do they go on about RGB images? do each channel separately? Someone
must have thought of exploiting the obvious redundancies.


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