[SciPy-User] inverse function of a spline

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Sat Oct 1 22:36:52 CDT 2011

An example of a possible usecase

I wrote a function for Lilliefors test of normality (Kolmogorov Smirnov test
for normal distribution based on estimated mean and variance). (The reported
power of the test is not great.)
The p-values are non-standard and tabulated, by sample size and by
probability (only 0.001 to 0.2)

To safe work later on for other tests, I wrote a simple class, but I
restrict to linear interpolation.

Using two interp1d or using Rbf works fine, using interp2d gives me a
warning - cannot add more knots - and the interpolated values are not

Since I never played much with interp2d, or interpolate.bisplrep or
interpolate.BivariateSpline, human error is possible.

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