[SciPy-User] calculate predicted values from regression + confidence intervall

Johannes Radinger JRadinger@gmx...
Fri Oct 14 06:51:59 CDT 2011


I did a statistical regression analysis (linear regression) in R which
has following parameters:

Y = X1 + X2

from the R-analysis I can get the intercept and slopes for the independent variables so that I get:

Y = Intercept + slope1*X1 + slope2*X2

Now I want to use that in Scipy to calculate new predicted Y values.
Generally that is not a problem. I use the new X1 and X2 as input and
the slopes and intercept are predefined. So I can easily calculate Y new.

Now my question arises:
How can I calculate a kind of uncertainty (e.g. a confidence intervall) for
the new Y? What do I have to extract from R and how do I have to use
the extracted parameters in scipy to calculate such things?
Is that generally possible?

Thank you very much
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