[SciPy-User] fmin / I'm sure this is a dumb syntax error on my part

tazzben tazzben@me....
Thu Oct 13 14:55:42 CDT 2011

So, I'm new to the optimization tools in scipy, so I'm trying to solve a problem I already know the answer to in an attempt to learn the system.

What I'm trying to solve is:

min of 100(y-x^2)^2+(1-x)^2

solving for both x and y (the solution is 1,1). 

Based on the example, I tried this:

from scipy.optimize import fmin

def sFunction(x):
	return 100.0(x[1]-x[0]**2.0)**2.0 + (1.0-x[0])**2.0

iv = [2.0, 5.0]

fmin(sFunction, iv)

Also in an earlier version I had x and y, but it wasn't working so I thought it might be better as an array.  So when I do this I get an error that says that a float is not callable.  What I think is happening is that it is substituting the initial guess in (thus it returns a float) but it isn't iterating for some reason. 

I'm sure it's really stupid, but could someone explain what's suppose to be going on?
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