[SciPy-User] ANN: pandas 0.5.0

Wes McKinney wesmckinn@gmail....
Mon Oct 24 22:54:42 CDT 2011

I'm very pleased to announce the pandas 0.5.0 major release. This
release features bug fixes, speed optimizations, new features, removal
of APIs deprecated in 0.4.0 series, and a number of other API changes
related to the file parsing functions. See the full release notes

Here are some highlights of the most important changes since 0.4.0
(released 9/12/2011):

- Python 3 support
- Retooled file (CSV, flat file) parsing with better type inference,
5-10x speedup in many cases, and the addition of a chunksize argument
for reading large files piece by piece. pandas is now one of the
fastest ways available to read structured text files into Python
- IPython tab completion of DataFrame columns via attribute access
- New pivot_table convenience function
- Better integrated handling of indexing metadata (names for indexes)
- New Int64Index for fast data alignment and merging of
integer-indexed data. Will enable fast datetime64-based time series
processing in a future release
- Faster data alignment overall in Series and DataFrame
- Significantly faster merging / joining of DataFrames
- Multi-key DataFrame joins

Thanks to all who contributed bug reports and pull requests between
0.4.3 and 0.5.0. It's been a short, very intense 2 weeks!


What is it
pandas is a Python package providing fast, flexible, and expressive
data structures designed to make working with “relational” or
“labeled” data both easy and intuitive. It aims to be the fundamental
high-level building block for doing practical, real world data
analysis in Python. Additionally, it has the broader goal of becoming
the most powerful and flexible open source data analysis /
manipulation tool available in any language.

Release Notes: https://github.com/wesm/pandas/blob/master/RELEASE.rst
Documentation: http://pandas.sourceforge.net
Installers: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pandas
Code Repository: http://github.com/wesm/pandas
Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/pystatsmodels
Blog: http://blog.wesmckinney.com

pandas 0.5.0

**Release date:** 10/24/2011

This release of pandas includes a number of API changes (see below) and cleanup
of deprecated APIs from pre-0.4.0 releases. There are also bug fixes, new
features, numerous significant performance enhancements, and includes a new
IPython completer hook to enable tab completion of DataFrame columns accesses
as attributes (a new feature).

In addition to the changes listed here from 0.4.3 to 0.5.0, the minor releases
0.4.1, 0.4.2, and 0.4.3 brought some significant new functionality and
performance improvements that are worth taking a look at.

Thanks to all for bug reports, contributed patches and generally providing
feedback on the library.

**API Changes**

  - `read_table`, `read_csv`, and `ExcelFile.parse` default arguments for
    `index_col` is now None. To use one or more of the columns as the resulting
    DataFrame's index, these must be explicitly specified now
  - Parsing functions like `read_csv` no longer parse dates by default (GH
  - Removed `weights` option in panel regression which was not doing anything
    principled (GH #155)
  - Changed `buffer` argument name in `Series.to_string` to `buf`
  - `Series.to_string` and `DataFrame.to_string` now return strings by default
    instead of printing to sys.stdout
  - Deprecated `nanRep` argument in various `to_string` and `to_csv` functions
    in favor of `na_rep`. Will be removed in 0.6 (GH #275)
  - Renamed `delimiter` to `sep` in `DataFrame.from_csv` for consistency
  - Changed order of `Series.clip` arguments to match those of `numpy.clip` and
    added (unimplemented) `out` argument so `numpy.clip` can be called on a
    Series (GH #272)
  - Series functions renamed (and thus deprecated) in 0.4 series have been

    * `asOf`, use `asof`
    * `toDict`, use `to_dict`
    * `toString`, use `to_string`
    * `toCSV`, use `to_csv`
    * `merge`, use `map`
    * `applymap`, use `apply`
    * `combineFirst`, use `combine_first`
    * `_firstTimeWithValue` use `first_valid_index`
    * `_lastTimeWithValue` use `last_valid_index`

  - DataFrame functions renamed / deprecated in 0.4 series have been removed:

    * `asMatrix` method, use `as_matrix` or `values` attribute
    * `combineFirst`, use `combine_first`
    * `getXS`, use `xs`
    * `merge`, use `join`
    * `fromRecords`, use `from_records`
    * `fromcsv`, use `from_csv`
    * `toRecords`, use `to_records`
    * `toDict`, use `to_dict`
    * `toString`, use `to_string`
    * `toCSV`, use `to_csv`
    * `_firstTimeWithValue` use `first_valid_index`
    * `_lastTimeWithValue` use `last_valid_index`
    * `toDataMatrix` is no longer needed
    * `rows()` method, use `index` attribute
    * `cols()` method, use `columns` attribute
    * `dropEmptyRows()`, use `dropna(how='all')`
    * `dropIncompleteRows()`, use `dropna()`
    * `tapply(f)`, use `apply(f, axis=1)`
    * `tgroupby(keyfunc, aggfunc)`, use `groupby` with `axis=1`

  - Other outstanding deprecations have been removed:

    * `indexField` argument in `DataFrame.from_records`
    * `missingAtEnd` argument in `Series.order`. Use `na_last` instead
    * `Series.fromValue` classmethod, use regular `Series` constructor instead
    * Functions `parseCSV`, `parseText`, and `parseExcel` methods in
      `pandas.io.parsers` have been removed
    * `Index.asOfDate` function
    * `Panel.getMinorXS` (use `minor_xs`) and `Panel.getMajorXS` (use
    * `Panel.toWide`, use `Panel.to_wide` instead

**New features / modules**

  - Added `DataFrame.align` method with standard join options
  - Added `parse_dates` option to `read_csv` and `read_table` methods to
    optionally try to parse dates in the index columns
  - Add `nrows`, `chunksize`, and `iterator` arguments to `read_csv` and
    `read_table`. The last two return a new `TextParser` class capable of
    lazily iterating through chunks of a flat file (GH #242)
  - Added ability to join on multiple columns in `DataFrame.join` (GH #214)
  - Added private `_get_duplicates` function to `Index` for identifying
    duplicate values more easily
  - Added column attribute access to DataFrame, e.g. df.A equivalent to df['A']
    if 'A' is a column in the DataFrame (PR #213)
  - Added IPython tab completion hook for DataFrame columns. (PR #233, GH #230)
  - Implement `Series.describe` for Series containing objects (PR #241)
  - Add inner join option to `DataFrame.join` when joining on key(s) (GH #248)
  - Can select set of DataFrame columns by passing a list to `__getitem__` (GH
  - Can use & and | to intersection / union Index objects, respectively (GH
  - Added `pivot_table` convenience function to pandas namespace (GH #234)
  - Implemented `Panel.rename_axis` function (GH #243)
  - DataFrame will show index level names in console output
  - Implemented `Panel.take`
  - Add `set_eng_float_format` function for setting alternate DataFrame
    floating point string formatting
  - Add convenience `set_index` function for creating a DataFrame index from
    its existing columns

**Improvements to existing features**

  - Major performance improvements in file parsing functions `read_csv` and
  - Added Cython function for converting tuples to ndarray very fast. Speeds up
    many MultiIndex-related operations
  - File parsing functions like `read_csv` and `read_table` will explicitly
    check if a parsed index has duplicates and raise a more helpful exception
    rather than deferring the check until later
  - Refactored merging / joining code into a tidy class and disabled unnecessary
    computations in the float/object case, thus getting about 10% better
    performance (GH #211)
  - Improved speed of `DataFrame.xs` on mixed-type DataFrame objects by about
    5x, regression from 0.3.0 (GH #215)
  - With new `DataFrame.align` method, speeding up binary operations between
    differently-indexed DataFrame objects by 10-25%.
  - Significantly sped up conversion of nested dict into DataFrame (GH #212)
  - Can pass hierarchical index level name to `groupby` instead of the level
    number if desired (GH #223)
  - Add support for different delimiters in `DataFrame.to_csv` (PR #244)
  - Add more helpful error message when importing pandas post-installation from
    the source directory (GH #250)
  - Significantly speed up DataFrame `__repr__` and `count` on large mixed-type
    DataFrame objects
  - Better handling of pyx file dependencies in Cython module build (GH #271)

**Bug fixes**

  - `read_csv` / `read_table` fixes
    - Be less aggressive about converting float->int in cases of floating point
      representations of integers like 1.0, 2.0, etc.
    - "True"/"False" will not get correctly converted to boolean
    - Index name attribute will get set when specifying an index column
    - Passing column names should force `header=None` (GH #257)
    - Don't modify passed column names when `index_col` is not
      None (GH #258)
    - Can sniff CSV separator in zip file (since seek is not supported, was
      failing before)
  - Worked around matplotlib "bug" in which series[:, np.newaxis] fails. Should
    be reported upstream to matplotlib (GH #224)
  - DataFrame.iteritems was not returning Series with the name attribute
    set. Also neither was DataFrame._series
  - Can store datetime.date objects in HDFStore (GH #231)
  - Index and Series names are now stored in HDFStore
  - Fixed problem in which data would get upcasted to object dtype in
    GroupBy.apply operations (GH #237)
  - Fixed outer join bug with empty DataFrame (GH #238)
  - Can create empty Panel (GH #239)
  - Fix join on single key when passing list with 1 entry (GH #246)
  - Don't raise Exception on plotting DataFrame with an all-NA column (GH #251,
    PR #254)
  - Bug min/max errors when called on integer DataFrames (PR #241)
  - `DataFrame.iteritems` and `DataFrame._series` not assigning name attribute
  - Panel.__repr__ raised exception on length-0 major/minor axes
  - `DataFrame.join` on key with empty DataFrame produced incorrect columns
  - Implemented `MultiIndex.diff` (GH #260)
  - `Int64Index.take` and `MultiIndex.take` lost name field, fix downstream
    issue GH #262
  - Can pass list of tuples to `Series` (GH #270)
  - Can pass level name to `DataFrame.stack`
  - Support set operations between MultiIndex and Index
  - Fix many corner cases in MultiIndex set operations
    - Fix MultiIndex-handling bug with GroupBy.apply when returned
groups are not
    indexed the same
  - Fix corner case bugs in DataFrame.apply
  - Setting DataFrame index did not cause Series cache to get cleared
  - Various int32 -> int64 platform-specific issues
  - Don't be too aggressive converting to integer when parsing file with
    MultiIndex (GH #285)
  - Fix bug when slicing Series with negative indices before beginning


- Thomas Kluyver
- Daniel Fortunov
- Aman Thakral
- Luca Beltrame
- Wouter Overmeire

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