[SciPy-User] OT: ISI export format python parser / bibtex converter

Tom Dimiduk tdimiduk@physics.harvard....
Tue Sep 13 10:00:49 CDT 2011

zotero (www.zotero.org) understands ISI Web's website, and can do bibtex 
exports.  It is probably not the most automated way of doing what you 
want, but is fairly straightforward.  Feel free to contact me off list 
if you want more detail.


On 09/13/2011 10:51 AM, Daniele Nicolodi wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm sorry for the OT but I do not know where else to ask, and I think
> that the scientific community that surround scipy may have a clue in my
> issue.
> I'm retyping my CV in Latex and I would like to do not have to type the
> bibliographic entries about my publications. I thought about exporting
> the list from ISI Web but the bibtex export options seems to be gone
> from the new interface.
> There are a couple of Perl scripts on the web that digest the ISI export
> format to bibtex, but they do not work perfectly on my entries, and I
> would be much more comfortable hacking on Python rather than Perl.
> I'm therefore looking for a python parser / exporter of the ISI Web
> export format. Does anyone have a pointer to share?
> Thank you. Cheers,

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