[SciPy-User] Should I use pickle for numpy array?

Scott Sinclair scott.sinclair.za@gmail....
Mon Sep 19 08:03:56 CDT 2011

On 19 September 2011 14:05, Klonuo Umom <klonuo@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not sure what is the best (or common) way to store numpy array to disk.
> Some even suggest HDF5, but data in question is not huge.

It's simplest to use
and http://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy-1.6.0/reference/generated/numpy.load.html
if you're planning on reading it back using numpy. If you need the
data to be accessible from other software then look into more portable
formats like HDF5, NetCDF, etc, etc...


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