[SciPy-User] How to fit data obtained from a Monte Carlo simulation?

D K canavanin@yahoo...
Fri Sep 23 02:29:07 CDT 2011

On 09/23/2011 12:07 AM, Robert Kern wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 17:03, canavanin@yahoo.se<canavanin@yahoo.se>  wrote:
>> Hi Josef
>> I think the seed is the same in all cases. Each random number is obtained using random.random(), but I never use random.seed().
> Then what makes you think the seed is the same in all cases? The PRNG
> is initialized with a different seed each time numpy is imported for
> the first time if you do not explicitly seed it yourself.
What you have just written is exactly what made me think there would be 
the same seed - not between different calls to my script, of course, but 
I don't use data that was produced by different calls to the script. 
Currently simulation and fitting are done by the same script, so I 
assumed that the PRNG would be initialized through 'import random', and 
that would be that. Or have I been mistaken/misunderstood the point you 
were trying to make?


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