[SciPy-User] General purpose 2D,3D plotting library

Jeremy Sanders jeremy@jeremysanders....
Fri Sep 23 08:17:41 CDT 2011

Nils Wagner wrote:

> Just curious.
> Is there a chance that you will release Veusz under BSD
> licence ?

I'm more of a fan of copyleft licenses than BSD, but I'd be happy with a 
LGPL license.  I wouldn't like an extended version of the program to be 
proprietary. There are other copyright holders who would need to agree, 
however. Also a small amount of code was taken from another GPL project 
which probably would have to be rewritten.

In addition, Veusz is linked against the GPLd PyQt library, making a change 
of license difficult. However, it could use PySide instead (in theory, 
though the SIP code would need to be convered).

Nevertheless, I would be happy to make the embedding module, used to embed 
Veusz plots in other Python programs, BSD. The embedding module uses 
interprocess communication to communicate with Veusz. Veusz runs in its own 
process in embbeding mode. It would be a natural way to use Veusz to plot 
from non-GPLd programs.


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