[SciPy-User] Separate scales for left and right axis broken

meelmaarten meelmaarten@gmail....
Thu Sep 29 11:38:49 CDT 2011

Christopher Peters <cpeters <at> edisonmission.com> writes:

> All, 
> I am trying to run the code at
> to generate separate scales for left and right axes for tsplot in
> but I am getting an error. 
> Package versions: 
> Numpy:  1.5.1 
> Matplotlib:  1.0.1 
> Scikits Timeseries:  0.91.3 
> Code to test: 

Dear all,

I am having the same problem, but running it with matplotlib version 1.00. I do
not feel fit enough for trying to solve it. Any suggestion would REALLY help!
Many thanks in advance!


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