[SciPy-User] linalg.eigh hangs only after importing sparse module

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Thu Apr 5 14:00:27 CDT 2012

05.04.2012 20:33, Nicolas Pinto kirjoitti:
> I tried (in a virtualenv) to compile with gcc-4.2.4, gcc-4.3.6 and
> gcc-4.4.6 and all failed. Any suggestion on what to try next?


- Check with different versions of ATLAS and Lapack.

- Run the program under valgrind, with python-specific suppressions
  enabled. Python's source distribution has a suppression file for

- Run the program in gdb, first having compiled everything with debug
  symbols. (OPT="-ggdb" FOPT="-ggdb" python setup.py build ...)

  Check if the values passed down to the LAPACK routine are OK.

Unfortunately, these take some work.


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