[SciPy-User] Strange behavior of sph_jn

ZIEGLER Yann (ETU EOT) yann.ziegler@etu.unistra...
Thu Apr 12 03:33:26 CDT 2012

> Thanks for this excellent feedback.

You're welcome, thanks to all for your reactivity and comments.
Even if I eventually found the solution elsewhere, it helped me
to clarify the origin of my problem.

> It would be very helpful if you
> could file a bug at
> http://projects.scipy.org/scipy
> That way we we don't lose track of the problem you ran in to.
> The algorithm should be adjusted to handle these values. 
> Best regards,
> -Travis

In fact, I'm the author of the last ticket:

But in a previous mail I spoke about this one:
I didn't realize immediately that its author exactly described
the problem I have reported here and gave the same trick to
solve it :-S ... but 'in my defence' its ticket dates back to 2010!


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