[SciPy-User] loadmat and figure

x.piter@gmai... x.piter@gmai...
Sun Aug 5 04:50:36 CDT 2012

Fabrice Silva <silva@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr> writes:
> Are not matlab figure supposed to be .fig files ?
> The 'a' items of the resulting dictionary seems weird.
I was not sure if fig files are compartiple with loadmat, so I had
loaded figure in matlab with -mat key and saved the structure a.mat
> I can load (with loadmat, Debian unstable) matlab figure files, but the
> trouble is in converting the whole tree stored in the file into some
> matplotlib (or similar) instances...
This is another trouble but I will think about it when I reach this
stage (I need only numbers). May be I need the latest scipy.


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