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I am trying to learn to draw graphs for performance models. As part of
this process I have a sample problem from a technical paper "The
Operational Analysis of Queueing Network Models"


There are 3 componens and their visit rations and service times.


V1S1 = (20)(.05) = 1.00 seconds (Total CPU time is the bottleneck ) 


V2S2 = (11)(.08) =  .88 seconds (Total Disk time)


V3S3 = (8)(.04)= .32 seconds (Total Drum time)


These products sum to the minimal response

time of 2.2 seconds


M1 = Z/VISI = 20/1 = 20 terminals



Now I want to draw the graph by sending these values as inputs to a
queueing model. So if I plot terminals vs seconds the asymptote of the
response time curve should intersect

The y-axis at 20 which is M1 give above.


Is this type of work done using Sci-Py to solve a queueing model ? Can I
read some references ?




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