[SciPy-User] Disable singular matrix warning

Carlos Baptista carlossbaptista@gmail....
Sun Aug 12 08:49:43 CDT 2012

Hello there,

I am fairly new to Python. As a self-test I re-programmed an old MATLAB
assignment in Python using NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib. At a certain point
I am getting the following warning:

warning: (almost) singular matrix! (estimated cond. number: 1.87e+14)

This result is however expected and therefore I would like to disable this
warning. I am getting this warning from:


where A has a large condition number.

I have already tried the following to no avail:


import warnings

with warnings.catch_warnings():


    from poisson import solvePoisson


where solvePoisson is the function (located in poisson.py) in which the
above solve statement is executed.

How can I disable this singular matrix warning?

With kind regards,

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