[SciPy-User] generic expectation operator

nicky van foreest vanforeest@gmail....
Thu Aug 23 13:09:24 CDT 2012

Hi Josef,

> oversight to add it, I guess.


> can be added and it can delegate like in the other methods.  PR welcome.
> frozen_dist.dist.expect(..)

oops. I saw this request coming. While it is trivial to implement
(nearly a copy paste from the other examples in rv_frozen),  I have to
admit that working with git takes me a considerable amount of time, as
I hardly use it.

> (I almost never work with frozen distribution and didn't see this.)

Is there a specific reason for this? I find it very convenient.

For the moment I solve the problem with the expectation with this function:

def expect(X, f, lb, ub):
    if hasattr(X, 'dist'):
        return X.dist.expect(f, lb = lb, ub = ub)
        return X.expect(f, lb = lb, ub = ub)

Like this I can pass frozen distributions and the ones that I make
with rv_discrete.  As your suggestion above is not yet part of
standard scipy, I 'll use this function to show my students how
convenient python is.


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