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Fri Aug 31 10:39:40 CDT 2012

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that `guiqwt` v2.2.0 has been released (http://guiqwt.googlecode.com).

Based on PyQwt (plotting widgets for PyQt4 graphical user interfaces) and on the scientific modules NumPy and SciPy, guiqwt is a Python library providing efficient 2D data-plotting features (curve/image visualization and related tools) for interactive computing and signal/image processing application development.

The Mercurial repository is now publicly available here:

Complete change log is available here:

Documentation with examples, API reference, etc. is available here:

This version of `guiqwt` includes a demo software, Sift (for Signal and Image Filtering Tool), based on `guidata` and `guiqwt`:
Windows users may even download the portable version of Sift 0.2.6 to test it without having to install anything:

When compared to the excellent module `matplotlib`, the main advantages of `guiqwt` are:
  * Performance: see http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/overview.html#performances
  * Interactivity: see for example http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/_images/plot.png
  * Powerful signal processing tools: see for example http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/_images/fit.png
  * Powerful image processing tools:
    * Real-time contrast adjustment: http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/_images/contrast.png
    * Cross sections (line/column, averaged and oblique cross sections!): http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/_images/cross_section.png
    * Arbitrary affine transforms on images: http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/_images/transform.png
    * Interactive filters: http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/_images/imagefilter.png
    * Geometrical shapes/Measurement tools: http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/_images/image_plot_tools.png
    * Perfect integration of `guidata` features for image data editing: http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/_images/simple_window.png

But `guiqwt` is more than a plotting library; it also provides:
  * Framework for signal/image processing application development: see http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/examples.html
  * And many other features like making executable Windows programs easily (py2exe helpers): see http://packages.python.org/guiqwt/disthelpers.html

guiqwt has been successfully tested on GNU/Linux and Windows platforms.

Python package index page:

Documentation, screenshots:

Downloads (source + Python(x,y) plugin):

Dr. Pierre Raybaut
CEA - Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives

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