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Rodolfo Timoteo da Silva zhushazang@gmail....
Sun Dec 2 18:18:26 CST 2012

Hi, just to report how to install into Gentoo

/emerge scipy/

Best regards


Em 26-11-2012 12:14, Thomas Kluyver escreveu:
> I'd like to discuss how we can move the new SciPy website (currently
> at http://scipy.github.com/ ) to be the homepage of scipy.org
> <http://scipy.org>.
> The new site is still something of a work in progress, but it's been
> there for years, and we can't continue to maintain two sites
> indefinitely. We've already been bitten by people referring to out of
> date FAQs, and I think the aesthetics of the new site are a marked
> improvement. So, first, what does the new site need before it can go
> live?/
> /Two things I'm already aware of:
> - Installation instructions for other package managers (so far we
> cover apt and macports). Please can users of other Linux distros send
> me the corresponding installation commands?
> http://scipy.github.com/install.html
> - The 'Getting started' page should be rewritten to describe the Scipy
> stack, and from a more newcomer-ish perspective.
> Of course, there's a lot of useful information on the existing site -
> such as the Cookbook - that it's impractical to move to the new site.
> So, I suggest that we move the current MoinMoin-based site to
> wiki.scipy.org <http://wiki.scipy.org>, and provide redirects so we
> don't break existing links. Unfortunately, Github pages can't do
> proper HTTP-based redirects. So we can either use hackish HTML/JS
> redirects, or host the new site on a server where we can set up proper
> redirects.
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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