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Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Mon Dec 3 16:13:19 CST 2012

On 3 December 2012 21:44, BrettRMurphy <bmurphy@enthought.com> wrote:

> Sorry it took us at Enthought a while to get back to this thread.
> In addition to the server, we've got some people who can help out with
> setting things up and getting the new site up and running. To this end,
> Ognen D has set up a private mailing list for people who will be working on
> the effort. The list is private as they'll be discussing data security and
> privacy issues. The current list is Ognen D, Prabhu R, Thomas K, Pauli V,
> David C, Dhruv B and Parth B. If anyone is interested in joining, please
> send a note to ognen@enthought,com
> We're looking forward to helping get SciPy.org updated.

Thanks Brett, Robert. Should I have received an invitation or notification
about this mailing list?

Matthew, the disadvantage of Github pages is that you can't create proper
HTTP redirects. Thanks for the offer of hosting, although we'll probably
use Enthought's offer.

Best wishes,
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