[SciPy-User] Parallel Differential Evolution

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Wed Dec 5 10:12:05 CST 2012


I have followed Rob suggestions on this, i.e. to substute:

(1). *numpy.zeros(X)* instead of *flex.double(X, 0)*
(2). *1000*numpy.ones(X) *instead of *flex.double(X, 1000)*
(3). *numpy.min(X) *for *flex.min(X)*, etc. (mean, sum)
(4). *numpy.random.uniform(size=N)* for *flex.random_double(N) *

However, to get this work, I also had to modify the following:

- modification (4). only works when floats are meant to be used, I guess,
so in the only case: *rnd =
numpy.random.uniform(size=self.vector_length)*instead of
*flex.random_double(N)*. In the other two cases it is *random_values =
numpy.random.random_integers(low=0.0, high=1.0, size=N)*  instead of  *
- Also,* numpy.nanargmin* instead of *flex.min_index*
- Also, *numpy.argsort* instead of *flex.sort_permutation*
- Also, *.copy()* instead of *.deep_copy()*
- Finally, *numpy.random.seed(0)* instead of *flex.set_random_seed(0)*

Now, it works (at least for the Rosenbrock function).
Thank you,
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