[SciPy-User] Scikits statuses?

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Tue Dec 18 18:39:48 CST 2012

I browsed scikits (http://scikits.appspot.com/scikits) and looking at one
of the packages I noticed that it's in poor state - project started long
ago but finished right at it. That give me an idea to try and determine the
state of available scikits.

I copied text from scikits page and saved it as text file. Then I used pypi
as reference and results are in this little script:

As a bonus I attached also a bar plot of pypi download counts per package.

Scikits not hosted on pypi, are mainly hosted on scipy.org and versioned by


Their status is questionable, and if I'm not wrong all those are released
years ago, w/o documentation, not even description, neither their names are
Exceptions are timeseries (author abandoned it), and hydroclimpy which
doesn't look as a scikit to me at all, but universe for itself.

Others, listed by last update (note: two duplicate packages, because of
naming transition):

  scikit-aero           20121125
  scikits.odes          20121122
  scikits.optimization  20121114
  scikits.fitting       20121029
  scikit-fmm            20121016
  scikit-image          20121014
  scikits-image         20121014
  scikit-learn          20121008
  scikits.bvp_solver    20120926
  scikit-rf             20120925
  scikits.bootstrap     20120822
  scikit-vi             20120609
  scikit-commpy         20120404
  scikits.learn         20110921
  scikits.statsmodels   20110824
  scikits.cuda          20110523
  scikits.datasmooth    20110414
  scikits.audiolab      20100723
  scikits.sparse        20091214
  scikits.bvp1lg        20091012
  scikits.talkbox       20090827
  scikits.samplerate    20090722
  scikits.vectorplot    20081202
  scikits.example       20081105
  scikits.ann           20080131

What I want to suggest from this little adventure is to sort scikits
packages by last update, on scikits home page. Then maybe scikits not
updated for more then a year, flag with new status column, describing the
state of the package. I believe it would help general user from start, and
to potential developer for takeover. Also it will show that scikits idea is
active, instead current static display with half packages in unknown state.

As for those in first listing, "abandoned" or "deprecated" is IMHO
suitable, if not necessary.
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