[SciPy-User] WHICH ONE IS BETTER?? Loadtxt() or open('filename', 'r') method

Happyman bahtiyor_zohidov@mail...
Tue Dec 25 10:55:45 CST 2012

I had 120x150 matrix which I have to read Rows by Cols... 
for example: 
M=(120,150) . This matrix exists under name: BigFile.txt
So, M=loadtxt ( 'BigFile.txt' ). 

After processing M matrix I have M1  matrix which has the same Row and Cols (120 x 150 )

I saved it: savetxt ( ' Bigprocess.txt ', M1 ). The problem is I can not control Rows and Cols to be the same order of rows and cols as in the M matrix

The second way: or is it better to use open ('filename.txt')  method ??????
1) WHich one (loadtxt and savetxt) or (open ('filename.txt') and write (data)) faster to write my matrix
2) How can I control over M1 matrix using loadtxt method??????

Any answers will be appreciated!!!!

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