[SciPy-User] numpy.test() fail mac with homebrew python 2.7

Adam Schneider amschne@umich....
Wed Dec 26 14:31:36 CST 2012

After installing numpy version 1.6.2 and scipy version 0.11.0 via pip 1.2.1
for python 2.7.3 (from homebrew) on my MacBook Air with core i7 processors
on OS X 10.8.2, I ran tests using numpy.test() and scipy.test() which both
failed.  Below are three failure lines from the numpy.test, and attached is
the full log.

FAIL: Test automatically generated assignments which overlap in memory.
FAIL: test_nditer.test_iter_broadcasting_errors
FAIL: test_nditer.test_iter_array_cast

Will you please let me know how big of an issue this is and the best way to
fix it?

Thank you,

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