[SciPy-User] ask.scipy.org registration not working

Jason Grout jason-sage@creativetrax....
Thu Feb 9 09:42:42 CST 2012

On 2/9/12 8:35 AM, Ken Watford wrote:
> Look at the current list of questions. Nobody has asked a question
> there since 2010.
> I would recommend asking your questions on one of the StackExchange
> sites (probably StackOverflow).
> If there's demand for a separate  "math and science with python" site,
> then one could be proposed at http://area51.stackexchange.com/
> The lack of activity at ask.scipy could be due to problems with the
> site (can't sign up, hard to sign in, no search feature), but there
> might just not be enough interest. The Area51 proposal process could
> help determine that, assuming the proposal was advertised in
> appropriate places.

+1 to a numpy/scipy/matplotlib stackexchange-type site.  We've had a lot 
of success with ask.sagemath.org (running on the askbot [1] software, 
which is nice since it is open-source and you can host it and modify it 
if you want).

It looks like a python stackexchange site was just proposed: 



[1] http://askbot.com/

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