[SciPy-User] [ANN] release of Neo 0.2.0

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Mon Feb 13 03:09:11 CST 2012

Dear scipy list,

We are proud to announce the 0.2.0 release ofNeo 
<http://neuralensemble.org/neo>, a Python library for working with 
electrophysiology data, whether from biological experiments or from 

Neo is a package for representing electrophysiology data in Python, 
together with support for reading a wide range of neurophysiology file 
formats, including Spike2, NeuroExplorer, AlphaOmega, Axon, Blackrock, 
Plexon, Tdt, and support for writing to a subset of these formats plus 
non-proprietary formats including HDF5.
The goal of Neo is to improve interoperability between Python tools for 
analyzing, visualizing and generating electrophysiology data by 
providing a common, shared object model. In order to be as lightweight a 
dependency as possible, Neo is deliberately limited to represention of 
data, with no functions for data analysis or visualization.
Neo implements a hierarchical data model well adapted to intracellular 
and extracellular electrophysiology and EEG data with support for 
multi-electrodes (for example tetrodes). Neo's data objects build on 
thequantities <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/quantities>package, which in 
turn builds on NumPy by adding support for physical dimensions. Thus Neo 
objects behave just like normal NumPy arrays, but with additional 
metadata, checks for dimensional consistency and automatic unit conversion.



    Modified BSD

    fromPyPI <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/neo>or from theINCF Software
    Center <http://software.incf.org/software/neo>

Samuel Garcia

Samuel Garcia
Lyon Neuroscience
CNRS - UMR5292 -  INSERM U1028 -  Universite Claude Bernard LYON 1
Equipe R et D
50, avenue Tony Garnier
69366 LYON Cedex 07
Tél : 04 37 28 74 24
Fax : 04 37 28 76 01

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