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barbara padova barbara.padova@gmail....
Tue Feb 21 08:12:49 CST 2012

I am noticing an unexplained behaviour when use scipy's (0.9.0)  Delaunay
triangulation routine. My points are UTM coordinates stored in
numpy.array([[easting, northing], [easting, northing], [easting,
If I use the true coordinates Scipy's edges are missing some of my points.
If I calculate the mean_easting and the mean_northing values and change my
array in numpy.array([[easting-mean_easting , northing-mean_northing ],
[easting-mean_easting , northing-mean_northing ], [easting-mean_easting ,
northing-mean_northing ]]), the result it's OK.
I know that there are  rounding errors and I also tried using the data type
float64, but whit my original date in UTM I have the same problems.
There is a solution to use my original data with scipy's Delaunay
triangulation routine?

Thanks for any help!
Best regards,
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