[SciPy-User] Alternatives to scipy.optimize

Erik Petigura eptune@gmail....
Sat Feb 25 20:21:43 CST 2012

Thanks for getting back to me!

I'd like to minimize p1 and p2 together.  Let me try to describe my problem a little better:

I'm trying to fit an exoplanet transit light curve.  My model is a box + a polynomial trend.


The polynomial coefficients and the depth of the box are linear parameters, so I want to fit them using linear least squares.  The center and width of the transit are non-linear so I need to fit them with an iterative approach like optimize.fmin.  Here's how I implemented it.


There is a lot unpacking and repacking the parameter array as it gets passed around between functions.  One option that might work would be to define functions based on a "parameter object".  This parameter object could have attributes like float/fix, linear/non-linear.  I found a more object oriented optimization module here:


However, it doesn't allow for linear fitting.


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