[SciPy-User] Alternatives to scipy.optimize

Erik Petigura eptune@gmail....
Mon Feb 27 16:31:50 CST 2012

Thanks for all the suggestions!  The discussion was very enlightening.

I wound up writing the following wrappers:


I think Matt has the right idea with lmfit:

> This approach gives a user a lot of flexibility in setting up fitting
> models, and can allow the fitting function to remain relatively static
> and written in terms of the "physical" model.  Of course, it is not
> going to be as fast as numexpr for array calculations, but it is more
> general, and faster ufuncs is not the issue at hand.

In the end, I decided to fit my linear parameters (polynomial trend) separately from my box parameters, by just excluding the region with the box.


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