[SciPy-User] F2py - after making module program runs differently

Benjamin Hause benjamin.hause@colorado....
Mon Feb 27 22:54:58 CST 2012


I have a fortran code that I made into a module using F2py. The module was
successfully created as far as I can tell, and I had only made minor changes
(making main a subroutine, changing name of a variable, etc.) that should not
affect the program. Basically, when I run the module from python and the program
from fortran the module gives slightly different output (which, expectedly gets
worse with run time as the difference compounds).

My question is, is it possible that something was corrupted when making the
module that changes how the program runs? If so, how should I go about
determining the problem and fixing this? Is there any common issues that would
change my output slightly (error starts in about the third decimal place, works
its way up over time).


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