[SciPy-User] numpydoc, show attributes in autoclass output

alex arsenovic aia8v@virginia....
Tue Jan 10 08:10:21 CST 2012

i am using the numpydoc sphinx extensions, and would like to modify the
way in which the autoclass feature works. right now, i am generating the
class's page using autosummary and only the class's methods are shown. i
would like to have the class's attributes displayed as well. 

 i have looked at the template in
sphinx/source/_template/autosummary/class.rst, and understand what its
doing and how to work with it, but the numpydoc appears to  be doing
something itself, modifying sphinx's autoclass behavior. 

i poked around and found the cfg option 'numpydoc_show_class_members'.
while this does control whether or not the class methods are included
when it is set in sphinx/source/conf.py, it doesnt control include the
class's attributes, even though it appears as though it should by
inspecting its usage in sphinx_ext/docscrape.py.

at the moment i have disabled the 'numpydoc_show_class_members', and
used the sphinx class.rst template to do what i need, but would be
interested to have it working through the numpydoc. 



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