[SciPy-User] ANN: SOLVCON 0.1.1

Yung-Yu Chen yyc@solvcon....
Sat Jan 21 08:54:13 CST 2012


I am pleased to announce version 0.1.1 of SOLVCON.  SOLVCON is a
multi-physics software framework for solving first-order hyperbolic PDEs.

The source tarball can be downloaded at
http://bitbucket.org/yungyuc/solvcon/downloads .  More information can be
found at http://solvcon.net/ .

This release adds a loader of Gmsh mesh format and fixes several bugs.

New features:

- Add a loader for Gmsh ASCII mesh format.  The loader locates in
  solvcon.io.gmsh and is implemented as pure Python code.  ``scg mesh``
  line tool can recognize the format.  Issue #52.
- Revamp the dependency building system to support older OSes and proxies
  need authentication.  Issue #53.
- Extract the SCons commands for building the Epydoc and Sphinx document
  SConstruct into standalone SCons tools.  Two new tools are added in the
  directory ``site_scons/site_tools/``: ``sphinx.py`` and
  Note that the SCons tool for Epydoc cannot be named as ``epydoc.py`` or
  name collides with the real ``epydoc`` package.
- Add Gmsh and Sphinx into ground/.


- Issue #49: "No Vtk for final time step".  Output timing of CollectHook and
- Issue #54: "Shared objects are not found under Mac OS X".  Thank you
- Issue #38: "soln/dsoln shouldn't be hard-coded".

Yung-Yu Chen
+886 (99) 129 4763
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