[SciPy-User] installing numpy and scipy for preinstalled Python 2.6 on Mac

Dan Lussier dtlussier@gmail....
Wed Jul 11 10:55:18 CDT 2012

A great way to get Numpy + Scipy as well as a bunch of other very useful packages is via the Enthought Python Distribution: 


I have been using it on Mac OS X for years and the installation is via a usual GUI based OS X installer.

In addition to the ease of installation - another advantage with this approach is that it installs a completely new Python and leaves the system Python installation alone.

On 2012-07-10, at 9:43 PM, Naser Nikandish wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new to the whole numpy and scipy world. I was going to install both but I read mixed things about installation problems compatibility etc. Here is the system I am using:
> Mac OS Lion 10.7
> I am using Python 2.6 that comes preinstalled on Mac. The reason I am not using Python 10.7 is that I need to use Gurobi which at the moments can be used by Python 2.6 on Mac. 
> I was wondering if there is any clear procedure on installing NumPy and SciPy on this system. I really appreciate your help. Btw, I know numpy comes preinstalled on my mac, but it would be nice to install the latest version, if possible.
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