[SciPy-User] ANN: SciPy 0.11.0 release candidate 1

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Fri Jul 20 16:00:15 CDT 2012

20.07.2012 22:24, John Hassler kirjoitti:
> The offending line is:
> AA,BB,Q,Z,sdim = qz(A,B,sort=sort)
> I couldn't find 'sort' defined anywhere, so I arbitrarily changed it to
> sort='lhp'.  Then it runs, although the test fails.
> Is there something else I can try?

Seems to be a problem with the callable sort function then.

That it works with sort='lhp' is strange, and probably means that there
is not a problem with all callback functions, but something goes wrong
in the algorithm. (Which would be expected, if *gees callbacks work
without problems.)

If you can/know how to recompile, try recompiling with

python setup.py .........

This should make the f2py wrappers spit out extra information on what is
going on.

Pauli Virtanen

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