[SciPy-User] Classification using neural networks

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Thu Jul 26 12:29:01 CDT 2012

Den 26.07.2012 18:38, skrev David Cournapeau:
> I find Vapnik work on structured risk minimization to be one of the 
> crown jewel of machine learning (or statistics for that matter), and 
> would like to believe it is one of the reason why it is/was populat. 
> ANN also got a bad press because of the history - mentioning neural 
> network in your publication was a almost-sure way to get your paper 
> considered badly a couple of years ago I think. 

They got hyped by neuroscientists who thought more in terms of 
"artificial brain" than statistics. In reality, multilayer perceptrons 
are just a generalization of linear models with logistic or gaussian 
link function.

> The focus on one technique in particular is fundamentally wrong, I 
> think (no free lunch and all that). It all depends on your data and 
> what you're doing, the "use technique X" that sees X changed every few 
> years is closer to pop culture than science IMO.

As with any statistical tool, blind application is never a good idea.


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