[SciPy-User] Scipy test errors

Johann Rohwer jr@sun.ac...
Thu Jul 26 14:51:56 CDT 2012

The latest SciPy from GIT gives a whole bunch of test errors and failures, 
most of the in the test_arpack module:

Ran 5483 tests in 78.064s

FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=13, SKIP=24, errors=8, failures=63)
Out[4]: <nose.result.TextTestResult run=5483 errors=8 failures=63>

Is this to be expected? The official release 0.11.0rc1 gives slightly fewer, 
but still a significant number of failures (57).

OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.04 amd64
Self compiled from GIT against Ubuntu shipped atlas, amd and umfpack libraries.

In [7]: numpy.__version__
Out[7]: '1.8.0.dev-b74c6be'

In [8]: scipy.__version__
Out[8]: '0.12.0.dev-8e918cd'


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