[SciPy-User] Brentq

The Helmbolds helmrp@yahoo....
Thu Jul 26 21:33:25 CDT 2012

The user guide says the algorithm for brentq should be obvious from inspecting the code.
Unfortunately, I can't find the code.
The entire code in the definition of the brentq function (located in the zeros section of scipy.optimize) reads:
        if type(args) != type(()) :
            args = (args,)
        r = _zeros._brentq(f,a,b,xtol,maxiter,args,full_output,disp)

So it just calls _zeros._brentq.
The module in which the brentq function is defined imports _zeros.
I searched but the only _zeros file I could find in scipy.optimize is a _zeros.pyd file,
and that's a DLL file, not a Python code object.
So I'm at a loss as to where the brentq code is located.
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