[SciPy-User] SciPy bugtracker on GitHub (a la NumPy)?

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Mon Jul 30 14:15:14 CDT 2012

(This might have been discussed before, forgive me if I've missed it.)

NumPy is using "Issues" on GitHub as bugtracker in addition to trac it 
seems. It has several advantages. Everything is kept in one place on 
GitHub. The interface is more tidy. And pull requests can be attached to 
"issues" (cf. tickets with attached .diff files on trac).

In my experience the patches contributed on trac often get "forgotten". 
Someone has to take time to get them into git/svn. (Which quickly 
discouraged me from contributing anything.) I think this is the same 
reason Ralph Gommers complained when I mailed cKDTree code here instead 
of using git myself: "I know you may not have the time or interest to 
learn about git right now, but it may make both our lives easier if you 
try the below steps. It will allow you to put your commits on top of 
mine without any manual copying." I guess that applies to anything 
attached to a ticket on trac as well?

When SciPy is on GitHub I think we should consider using GitHub's issue 
tracker. (And NumPy is already using it.)


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