[SciPy-User] [ANN] Bottleneck 0.6.0 released

Keith Goodman kwgoodman@gmail....
Mon Jun 4 12:09:05 CDT 2012

Bottleneck is a collection of fast NumPy array functions written in
Cython. It contains functions like median, nanargmax,
move_median, rankdata, partsort, replace, anynan.

The sixth release of bottleneck adds four new functions and, thanks to
Dougal Sutherland, now supports Python 3.2.

New functions:
- replace(arr, old, new), e.g, replace(arr, np.nan, 0)
- nn(arr, arr0, axis) nearest neighbor and its index of 1d arr0 in 2d arr
- anynan(arr, axis) faster alternative to np.isnan(arr).any(axis)
- allnan(arr, axis) faster alternative to np.isnan(arr).all(axis)

- Python 3.2 support (may work on earlier versions of Python 3)
- C files are now generated with Cython 0.16 instead of 0.14.1
- Upgrade numpydoc from 0.3.1 to 0.4 to support Sphinx 1.0.1

Breaks from 0.5.0:
- Support for Python 2.5 dropped
- Default axis for benchmark suite is now axis=1 (was 0)

Bug fixes:
- #31 Confusing error message in partsort and argpartsort
- #32 Update path in MANIFEST.in
- #35 Wrong output for very large (2**31) input arrays

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