[SciPy-User] least squares producing different answers?

Laura Matrajt matrajt@gmail....
Thu Jun 14 16:40:26 CDT 2012

I have an ODE with unknown parameters that I am trying to fit to data. In
order to do this, I am trying to use scipy's least squares to evaluate
different sets of parameters. Most of the time, this works fine, but I
noticed  that sometimes I get different answers even though I am starting
with the same initial guess.
This makes sense to me if least squares uses something random in the
algorithm, say at the very beginning to initialize the search.
Otherwise, this might be a bug in my part. So, I have been searching for a
bug for the last two days and I haven't found it.

Does anyone have any idea if it is indeed the case that leastsq uses some
type of random initialization?

Thank you in advance.

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