[SciPy-User] Scipy.io loadmat/savemat problem

Peter Eckert peter.eckert2@arcor...
Sat Jun 16 08:46:54 CDT 2012

Hello Scipy-Experts,

I am experiencing a problem with the scipy loadmat/savemat features.
I have a matfile in mat-5 format which was created in Matlab that I want 
to manipulate. When I open the existing mat-file with loadmat and 
directly save the data to a new mat-file with savemat, the new file 
created actually differs from the original file (it seems to be less 
compressed). See the screenshots below.
The new matfile can be read in Matlab without problems, however I 
actually want to pass the matlab to an executable created with Realtime 
Workshop with the rtsim option. Starting this with the new matfile 
creates an error "The values field in the parameters struct is invalid".
Does anybody has experience with the difference of the savemat option 
compared to original Matlab matfiles and how I might change it?

Thank you very much for your help!



Python: 2.7
Scipy: 0.9.0
Matlab: 2009SP2

Original Matlab file

After loadmat and savemat:

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