[SciPy-User] Problems compiling NumPy on linux with a compiled lapack/blas

Russell Warren russ@perspexis....
Wed Jun 20 12:49:48 CDT 2012

> Do you have LDFLAGS defined in your environment ? If so, you should unset
> it, as it overrides the link options used by distutils. If you want to
> override LDFLAGS, then you need to add the -shared flag.

Thanks very much!!  I did have LDFLAGS defined.  Unsetting it solved the
problem completely and numpy compiles perfectly, and numpy.test("full")

As a double-check... my understanding is that numpy.distutils.system_info
is the best way to confirm that lapack and blas are, in fact, going to be
used.  Is that right?  My output checking this is below:

>>> import numpy.distutils.system_info as sysinfo
>>> sysinfo.get_info("lapack")
{'libraries': ['flapack'], 'library_dirs': ['/edms/src/lapack-3.4.1'],
'language': 'f77'}
>>> sysinfo.get_info("blas")
{'libraries': ['fblas'], 'library_dirs': ['/edms/src/BLAS'], 'language':

This also seems to indicates that the lapack and blas libraries aren't
statically linked, given those library_dirs.  Is that correct?  If so I
should obviously move them to a more permanent/sensible location.

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