[SciPy-User] Broyden with complex numbers [Was Re: ANN: SciPy 0.11.0 beta 1 released]

Denis Laxalde denis@laxalde....
Wed Jun 27 12:25:18 CDT 2012

Skipper Seabold a écrit :
>>>>>>    TypeError: Cannot cast ufunc add output from dtype('complex128') to
>>>>>>    dtype('float64') with casting rule 'same_kind'
>>>> I get "nonlin.py:314: ComplexWarning: Casting complex values to real
>>>> discards the imaginary part" with Numpy 1.6.1.
>>>> There's indeed a probable bug on line 314 --- should maybe do
>>>> "x = x + d" instead of "x += d".
>>> I agree. That would be consistent with what's done with line_search.
>> Fixed in master and maintenance/0.11.x.
> Great, thanks for looking into this.

That being said, your example still fails for me because of NaNs...


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