[SciPy-User] Test failures with SciPy-0.10.1 and Mac OS X Lion

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Mon Mar 5 06:35:16 CST 2012

05.03.2012 01:05, Adam Mercer kirjoitti:
> I can't recall seeing these failures before, this has been compiled
> using the compilers from Xcode-4.3?
> Are these anything to worry about?

The failures seem to indicate that (single-precision) linear algebra
routines are not functioning correctly. These are probably a sign of
some Veclib / Fortran ABI mismatch related to Fortran functions --
similar problems have been seen e.g. when mixing g77 and gfortran
compilers (also on other platforms than OSX), and on OSX adding Veclib
to the mix seems make the situation even more finicky.

Could you file a ticket:

Currently, we use the Veclib's C interface for complex-valued functions,
but possibly we should do this for all Fortran functions to work around
these problems.

Pauli Virtanen

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