[SciPy-User] [Job] Undergrad summer research project at Oxford

Colin Macdonald macdonald@maths.ox.ac...
Tue Mar 6 03:33:23 CST 2012


I'm looking for a talented undergrad student to work on a 10-week 
summer research project at Oxford.  We're developing Scipy/Numpy code 
for solving differential equations on curved surfaces (to be released 
as free/open source software).

A background in both Python and numerical analysis (finite differences 
mostly) is recommended.

More info at:
(also lists other projects).

Candidates would need to be in their final two years or between ugrad 
and MSc).

Deadline is March 21st, 2012.


Colin Macdonald
University Lecturer in Numerical Methodologies
Tutorial Fellow at Oriel College
University of Oxford

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