[SciPy-User] Least-squares fittings with bounds: why is scipy not up to the task?

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Fri Mar 9 12:31:22 CST 2012


09.03.2012 18:50, Charles R Harris kirjoitti:
> Carefully stepping past the kerfluffle at the bar, I think this sort of
> functionality in scipy would be useful. If nothing else, I wouldn't have
> to keep implementing for myself ;) IIRC, Dennis Lexalde was going to do
> something similar and I think it would be good if some of the folks with
> implementations started a separate thread about getting it into scipy.

Dennis actually not only intended, but also implemented something
similar. I wasn't too deeply involved in that, but it's already merged
in Scipy's trunk.

Now, based on a *very* quick look to lmfit (I did not look at it before
now as I did not remember it existed), it seems to be quite similar in
purpose. Hashing out if lmfit has something extra, or if the current
implementation is missing something could be useful, however.


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