[SciPy-User] numpy - scipy test failure on OSX (git version 10/3/2012)

Scott Lasley slasley@space.umd....
Mon Mar 12 00:29:38 CDT 2012

On Mar 11, 2012, at 4:53 PM, Massimo Di Stefano wrote:

> Hi All,
> i'm on OSX lion using the system python.
> i just finished to build numpy and scipy  using the later gig version and i tried to run the test.
> unlucky bumpy failed ands scipy test gives me a segfault.
> i hope something is wrong on my system .. have you any hints on how to debug this problem ?
> attached a link to the test log [1].
> [1] http://www.geofemengineering.it//numpy_scipy_log.txt

Which version of Xcode do you have?  I got a segfault in the scipy tests after building with the llvm-gcc included with Xcode 4.2.  I have not tried building scipy with the latest llvm-gcc included with Xcode 4.3, but building with clang or gcc-4.2 from the cran.r-project worked.  See this message for more information


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